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A characterization of a business process

Hess and Oesterle (1996) provide a detailed comparison of 12 approaches to business process reengineering (BPR). Common themes to each method are the gathering of information, some characterization of the business process that is being reengineered followed by analysis and process modification. However, techniques for characterizing business processes are not yet well established. This paper takes learning from product data engineering and applies it to the definition of business processes with a view to establishing more formal computer-based representations of business processes. The methods or techniques that are currently used in BPR range from problem-solving activities using brainstorming and “post-its” to computerbased analysis through models such as IDEF0. This tool-kit approach has meant that it has been difficult for both practitioners and academics to develop best practice in BPR. The authors of this paper feel that an appropriate characterisation of a business process, as opposed to simply the activities therein, is lacking and could be an aid in the development of a best practice method. By understanding the elements and relationships within a business process the aspects which need to be reengineered become more apparent. It is the engineering aspect of BPR with which the paper is most concerned, taking known literature and research from the product data engineering field and applying it to a business process. Aspects of project management are considered in order to bring focus to not only the tasks or activities themselves, but also the relationship between them. This paper is based on the hypothesis that a process is a structured thing with elements and relationships between elements. Figure 1(a) shows, from one perspective, the process of making a cup of coffee using this hypothesis. In this case, elements (shown as circles) represent activities and relationships (shown as arrows) reflect the dependency of the activity at its head on the activity at its


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