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The Impact of Effective Human Resources Training on Employee Performance in a Port Organizational Structure

Training is an important factor in improving employee performance while also enhancing a company's goals. Regardless of the size of an organisation, training is vital to ensure that its future is secured, especially in the current dynamic business environment.The objective of this research was to determine whether there is an influence of training needs assessment, training content and delivery approaches, employees' readiness for training, learning environment, and training evaluation on employee performance, and to develop recommendations and potential improvements.The investigation was conducted as an explanatory method by using a quantitative approach, the main data sources being collected by questionnaires which were distributed to 114 employees of the human resource division at Indonesia Port Corporation, with the data then analysed using multiple regression.The result of this research found that content and delivery approaches, creating a learning environment and training evaluation have a significant impact on employee performance at Indonesia Port Corporation. Meanwhile, training needs assessment and employees readiness for training have no significant effect on employee performance at Indonesia Port Corporation.By considering the results of the hypothesis testing, it is recommended to improve each indicator of the contents’ training and delivery approaches. Whereas to improve employee performance at Indonesia Port Corporation, improvement in the provision of a platform to showcase technical skills is required, especially through training that emphasises the enhancement of the technical skills of the employee, in addition to an increase in those managerial skills required by employees.Indonesia Port Corporation is also required to conduct improvements in the personnel in another mentoring organisation as a role model through the establishment of teamwork that provides a mentor to the employees who have been trained, in order to smoothly apply the training material. Then, the enhanced training will help in personal growth through the creation of policies that take into account the training that has been followed by employees as the points to be considered in carrying out the promotion of employees.Improvement through updating existing skills and acquiring new technologies through training that provides an opportunity for the technology transfer of employee training is also required in order to understand all of the technology required in the role. Then, the improvement of the utilisation of information gathered to support and assist the top management through the establishment of an information network of all work units to the leadership element should be used as a basis for policymaking.


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