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Maritime Transport Security : Issues, Challenges and National Policies

This important book presents a profound analysis of the current challenges and policies related to the growing concern of maritime transport security, covering all aspects, from terrorism, in general, to piracy, in particular. It is a comprehensive work that offers a multidisciplinary view on the main themes and issues in this relatively unexplored field. It also provides several case studies that cover a large set of countries in many regions in the world. This landmark volume is of a great value to researchers and practitioners interested in understanding maritime transport security policies and their wider impacts at the national, regional and global level. Aura Reggiani, University of Bologna, Italy
Maritime Transport Security offers a multidisciplinary framework and a comparative analysis of maritime transport security policies and practices in several key countries.
Policy makers and industry stakeholders have established a set of international measures, procedures and benchmarks for maritime security. Yet the way these are designed and implemented often diverge due to technical, market and policy issues. This unique book includes both an interdisciplinary survey of the main concerns related to maritime security and an examination of a number of relevant country case studies.
Providing a comprehensive study of the critical themes, issues and frameworks surrounding maritime transport security, this book will be of great interest to practitioners and academics in the field. It will also be of great value to institutions that provide courses or programs in maritime management and related issues.


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viii, 299 p, 21 cm
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